Discover the top market data products used by online publishers worldwide


InvestCenter™ is the industry standard when it comes to giving your users a complete financial channel experience. It comes with access to a library of widgets that can be placed throughout your website and linked back to your own seamlessly integrated white-label financial channel.


Stacker™ is a powerful component-based content management platform that enables publishers to create custom finance channels. Identify your content goals, and our team will collaborate with you to create a solution to your exact specs while accelerating your time-to-launch.


CloudQuote™ is a powerful platform that gives you access to a tag-based markup language. A persistent connection between the browser and our servers enables data to update dynamically. Design your own widgets and create powerful web application without setting up a datafeed.

More products to meet your content goals


QuickQuotes™ is a specially-designed version of Stacker™ that brings the stock market to mobile devices. It’s the quickest and most elegant way to put stock quotes into the hands of your users.


StockStarter™ is a specially-designed version of Stacker™ that provides publishers on a limited budget to start with an ad-supported solution. It comes with a market summary and stock quote template that’s optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktops. And, of course, it can be easily upgraded to feature more content.


With StockCenter™, you get complete coverage of publicly-traded companies. The package comes with stock quotes, charts, news, and SEC filings. It’s ideal for the investor relations and corporate communications.


Publicly-traded companies are required to present their investors with multi-year charts that compare the performance of their stock price versus those of companies in their peer groups. With Performatics™, we provide all the necessary research and calculations to put together charts and documentation that comply with the need for accurate and timely disclosure. All of the reports are carefully checked and reviewed by our in-house actuary.


If you create original content, you can now get more exposure for your content on branded websites. Through our PRConnect™ product, we can help place your articles in a branded context and to help you reach a larger audience. Our network includes newspaper, television, and radio station websites as well as financial media and industry vertical portals.

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