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Web Developers

By using our cutting-edge CloudQuote™ technology, you can get access to stock quote data and fundamental business data on thousands of companies traded on the New York and Nasdaq stock exchanges.  A powerful API We take care of procuring the content and arranging for the proper entitlements so that you can focus on doing on what you do best.

Media Publishers

 Are you on a deadline?   Do you need to control your own formatting?   Does your content management platform have specific layout requirements?   We now offer the easiest way to build a stock quote table for your print publication or website.    Now you can easily set up a CodePen account and tap our the CloudQuote™ technology to set up templates that you can share with your team.

Web Designers

Drop a single line of code onto a webpage and the latest stock market summary, stock quotes and news will be at your user’s fingertips.  We use our amazing Stacker™ technology to make this turnkey solution possible.  If you are an online media company on a deadline and you want to launch a solution with no additional coding whatsoever, this solution is for you. You can tap our Stacker™ technology to create a finance channel for your website that’s completely customized to meet your requirements for seamless editorial and technical integration.  We will work with your developers to build a financial channel that meets your exact specifications — including responsive design — from custom fonts to custom graphics —  layout down to the last pixel!

Investor Relations

If you are building a webpage for your company, you can access our library of widgets to build out stock tables, stock charts and news section that are pertinent for your users. Help your company stand out. We offer a suite of tools to help professionals in the public relations and investor relations industry get the job done. Publicly-traded companies are required to present their investors with multi-year charts that compare the performance of their stock price versus those of companies in their peer groups.   Our in-house actuary performs all the necessary research and calculations to put together charts and documentation that comply with the need for accurate and timely disclosure.

App Developers

If you are a developer or an agency tapped with procuring content for your business app, you’ve come to the right place.    Make your app more compelling to users by adding rich content that is constantly updated to draw repeat visits.   Our team will work with you to connect stock market data and news from hundreds of sources with your app.

Content Marketers

If you create original content, you can now get more exposure for your content on branded websites. Through our PRConnect™ product, we can help place your articles in a branded context and to help you reach a larger audience.   Our network includes newspaper, television, and radio station websites as well as financial media and industry vertical portals.

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