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for stock market data and business news.

Experience Enterprise-Quality Content.

FinancialContent was founded in 1999 and has been delivering content solutions for more than 15 years. Our partners come to us for high-quality content solutions that’s also reliable and cost-effective. Over the years, we have built and maintained an extensive library of content that includes:

  • stock quotes & charts
  • business news
  • press releases
  • commodity prices
  • currencies
  • investment glossaries

From Turnkey Solutions…

FinancialContent has years of experience delivering turnkey solutions that can accommodate a wide variety of requirements.   If you’re looking for a solution that’s quick and easy to integrate, we can put together a package of widgets and webpages that will meet your content goals.   Of course, the widgets can be customized to match the overall look and feel of your website and application while the webpages can be formatted to reinforce your brand. Some of our most popular widgets include:

  • stock watchlists
  • scrolling tickers
  • stock look-up box
  • market snapshots
  • tabbed charts
  • breaking news headlines

…To Fully Customized Solutions.

FinancialContent can also design an entirely new set of widgets and webpages to meet your exact specifications to deliver a custom solution.   We will walk you through the entire creative process from conception and design to construction and deployment.   Every piece of content will be optimized to display perfectly on mobile, portable and desktop devices.    And, as your website grows and evolves, we will be there to help you design and add more content to create a richer experience for your users.

On-Demand Solutions for Advanced Developers.

FinancialContent is the company behind CloudQuote, the platform that gives you more granular control so that you can develop your own end-to-end solution. Experience the power of a cloud-based content markup language that lets you retrieve and place the exact datapoint that you need.   The content is displayed instantly AND updated dynamically.  Best of all, CloudQuote works with all major platforms and compatible with numerous web-based publishing solutions including:

  • WordPress
  • MovableType
  • InvestCloud
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • free-style HTML

Future-Proof Enterprise Platform.

FinancialContent is built upon a foundation that includes an extensive caching network, ensuring that our widgets and web components are available with near 100% reliability.  Our content solutions utilize invocation code which is designed to load after your webpages have finished loading, which ensures that your webpages and advertising will always load, even if a connectivity problem were to exist.

Responsive Design for a Mobile World.

FinancialContent is a leader in responsive design. Built from the ground up as a responsive, mobile-first solution, our content looks perfect on everything from a 375-pixel wide mobile device, up to a 4K retina display. By utilizing best practices in responsive design, our content scales seamlessly on all devices, using flexible breakpoints, and supports all input technologies, including touch screens.


Largest Data Coverage in the Industry.

FinancialContent aggregates data from more than 100 sources, then normalizes it for you by taking care of all the important details such as symbol changes, duplicate tickers, listings & delistings, number formatting and much more. Our platform carries more than 5 million securities, including stocks, bonds, indices, commodities, currencies, futures, derivatives and more.


Robust, Reliable Technology Platform.

FinancialContent has a firm foundation when it comes to technology and infrastructure. Our web services are hosted on a cutting edge real-time, redundant, streaming platform so that you can be assured of reliability and 100% uptime. By turning to us, you can focus on what you do best – developing applications.


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